Fall Leaves Soy Wax Scented Candle

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Beautiful and creamy freshly hand poured candles. Phthalate FREE

Wax: 100% soy wax

Fragrance Oils: High quality fragrance oil from US

Container: Glass

Size: 8 oz

Envelope yourself in the perfect autumn stroll. Our Fall Leaves candle scent is absolutely perfect with top notes of sweet leaf greens, lemon and cedar. Middle notes of fresh pine and a melody of spiced fruits and florals. Finished with base notes of earthy musk. This candle paints a colorful pallet of sweet apples and berries, subtle citrus and an earthy cedar bliss. You get the sense of being outside with a crisp, bright air quality you only get once a year.

Infused with natural essential oils including lemon, cedar, and turpentine oil.

Top Note: Green Stem, Lemon, Cedar

Middle Notes: Spiced Fruits and Florals

Base Notes: Warm Musk, Earth

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