Macintosh Apple Soy Wax Scented Candle

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Beautiful and creamy freshly hand poured candles. Phthalate FREE

Wax: 100% soy wax

Fragrance Oils: High quality fragrance oil from US

Container: Glass

Size: 8 oz

Macintosh Apple candle scent is a classic aroma that smells just like, you got it - Macintosh Apples! A crisp and clean aroma with a sweet finish - straight from the tree. Infused with with essential oils, including cinnamon leaf.

A realistic and strong candle scent

Note Profile:
Top Notes: Green Leaves, Pear, Mandarin
Middle Notes: Macintosh Apple, Plum, Apple Blossom
Base Notes: Musk, Apple Wood, Vanilla Bean

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